Monday, November 30, 2009

A guest post regarding famed Renfaire headliners "Coyote Run"


Jeff writes: "And now, I'd like to present to you some thoughts on the rather amazing Coyote Run. Coyote Run is a well-known Faire headliner, and I'm ridiculously pleased to have them with us."


One of the most recent additions to Jeff Mach’s most delectable entertainment schmorgasboard for WICKEDFAIRE 2010/MAD TEA PARTY is COYOTE RUN.

It should NOT be assumed that COYOTE RUN is just another yummy dessert or an after dinner mint – they are unquestionably a definitive main course, a singularly exquisite entre with their own distinct taste for all to savor.They have at one time or another been compared to Jethro Tull and Red Hot Chili Peppers in kilts yet in actuality defy pigeonholing. COYOTE RUN emerged in 1999 and like choice wine, cheese and steak they continue to improve with age. Their initial offering was “traditional Celtic Rock” with “story telling” (a mainstay to be sure) yet they continue to evolve into other fringe areas on the musical forefront. Their art is punctuated in part with the wail of bagpipes, amazing riffs from a killer electric bass, guttural didgeridoo growls and the pounding, rhythmic (dare I use the phrase “bordering on tribal”) sound of drums. Mixing this with amazing vocals and lyrical harmonies, you have the makings of a performance that leaves you wanting more.

ALCHEMY can be described as a transforming or enchanting power and the entertainment offered by COYOTE RUN is unquestionably the personification of the word.The individually unique styles of David, Doug, Mike and Catherine create gold from what would be, in the hands of other musicians “base metal” music. Their ability to mesmerize an audience is only secondary to the quality of their sound.

Recently returned from Scotland and presently in the midst of their holiday tour, they will be performing at MARSCON/Williamsburg, Virginia in January and at WICKEDFAIRE 2010/MAD TEA PARTY in February.Continually tweaking theirmusical technique, COYOTE RUN has most recently been experimenting with and moving towards a Steampunk persona… not just in look, mind you, but in style and sound!

And what exactly, you ask, IS Steampunk music? More about that in my next blog. Right now the wind is picking up from the West and I can no longer dally on the promenade and gaze over the railing. My presence is required in the wheelhouse.Pirates are everywhere these days.

Respectfully submitted by Lord Montague J. Fromage,

High Admiral, Supreme Squadron Commander of HIM Airship Armada

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