Thursday, December 3, 2009

Egads, what Sorcery is this?

So the proposal read,

ASK A SORCERER, With Jason Miller. You can call in to a show and get the advice of doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, homemakers, pick up artists and just about anything else you can think of. Why not a Sorcerer? Rather than advice, Jason Miller, author of "The Sorcerer's Secrets" and "Protection and Reversal Magic" will be doling out spells and rituals to get your mojo working. Need to find a job? Get a promotion? Get laid? Get a neighbor to move? Chances are if you have a problem, Jason knows time honored spell that can help you out. Even people that have no prior experience in magic or complete unbelievers can get results.

I met Jason/Inominandum back when I was still the one running Crucible. I was struck by a number of things about him - the interesting contrast between someone who was utterly serious about his work - who studied it daily, who performs it as if the profession were sorcerer were as clearly-established in our society as the profession of doctor or firefighter, and who was calmly confident about his abilities -- and who, at the same time, could take it all very peaceably. Someone felt disbelief? Sure, that was natural and understandable; he simply took it in stride, with neither angry outrage nor arrogant dismissal. A beginner wanted to talk to him? He was glad to go over basic subjects and give his thoughts. Conversation with experienced practitioners? Equally comfortable.

I admit: without even touching on the matter of what Inominandum's abilities are - the first thing which impressed me about him is the thing which still impresses me most: He's a really great guy.

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