Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"This Way To The Egress"

I have this weakness. I am an insane sucker for Gypsy punk cabaret. And you're going to have to bear with me here--because when I talk about why I love that music so much, people tend to look at me in the sort of manner which makes me wonder uncomfortably if they've finally figured out that I escaped from a particularly high-security psychiatric facility and have taken the medication I was originally on and substituted it with a strict diet of Pez and whiskey. I love that music because, to me, it's exactly like dark ska. (If you're not familiar with ska, might I suggest you try this Youtube video of The Toasters' "Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down"?)-- only sung by poetic bipolar 19th-century balladeers who've spent too long in absinthe-and-opium-induced trances and thus gained keen if somewhat horrified insight into the world in which we live.

"This Way To The Egress" (who are, by the way, named after one of my all-time favorite true stories) - are the first part of this year's Wicked Faire entertainment to go online because

1. They're new to Wicked, and I'm hoping we can give them a really warm welcome.
2. They're not famous yet, and I'm hoping that spotlighting them early will help people notice how good they are.
3. One thing I noticed: when either members of the performance team in general, or I personally, get into a conversation about gypsy cabaret we've heard, we inevitably ask if the other person or people have heard of "Egress", and if not, say, "You have to hear them!" - and flip over to their Myspace page.

"This Way To The Egress" - have you heard of them? No? You have to hear them!

(And a brief note for people who aren't fans of gypsy cabaret: there's a hundred more posts to follow this one. Be patient, best beloved.)

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